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Congratulations on Choosing a Poodle!  

These are the most lovable, amazing dog breed and my family wishes you and your Poodle a wonderful life together.  Your journey  will be rich with bonding, fun, and a forever friendship!


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History: Did you know that poodles originated in Germany, but they were refined in France?  France is where they were made into a popular breed and were standardized.  They shot strait on to the main stage because of King Louis XVI who was a poodle owner.  They became a regular fixture of the French Royal Court.  Other famous poodle owners include my favorite author John Steinbeck (Cannery Row is an awesome read by the way) and Winston Churchill who I was surprised by... I figured he was a bulldog owner (LOL). 


Teacup Vs Toy Vs Tiny Toy...  It all boils down to this:

Toy Poodles are the standard and this is defined by the size: 6-9 pounds and under 10 inches at the shoulder.  There is not an ACK recognized sub group of 'tiny toy' or 'teacup'.  Only the toy and the Miniature subgroup exist.  These other terms are just descriptors and not official breed or poodle sizes. 


This is a poodle of a different color:

There are 11 solid and 17 double colors (A2 color combination in the coat) Here are a few examples from that apply to Lucy’s litter and some other notes about poodle colors:

“Apricot-  A very light orange, can be described as champagne.  This is a dilute of red.    Some apricots seem to be cream with reddish tones.  While liver points are acceptable, they are not preferred. Black points are ideal. Apricots are often born a dark shade that lightens by the age of 2 years,  Many owners can become confused as their Poodle takes on a completely different color as they grow” 

IMG 0009

Red -  The rarest color, developed from the apricot line.  Liver points are acceptable, but black points are preferred.


Cream (Lucy does not have this in back ground but Sookie does)- The Cch gene creates a cream Poodle who would otherwise be Apricot or Cafe Au lait.  The cream can range from an off-white to a champagne color. This Poodle will have black points. 

Color Changes- When a Poodle puppy is a solid, one must understand that many variables can affect what will become the adult coat.  When a pup keeps the same color coat, this is known as "holding".   However, many Poodles "clear".  This means when the coat fades or lightens to another color.  A lightening of the coat does not necessarily occur evenly all over the coat, rather Poodle color will often hold more on the dog's ears and the thicker guard hairs”.

There are also text available on how the genetics determine the color that I can share upon request... it’s too much to post here!

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